This is my second book and it is just being finished. It has taken almost a decade of work and research to write it. It is a message that you have most likely never heard before. I have yet to have anyone say they have heard the revelation of this truth about the word Shalom. In fact that is what I hear most from people who have heard the teaching. They say “I have never heard this taught before… anywhere”. They also state that they are going to implement it into their lives immediately. We have friends that have a beauty salon and the day this was implemented in their business they had the best day they ever had. Everywhere I have taught this message miracles have happened, and eyes have been opened to the Gospel of Shalom that is woven throughout the Word of YHWH. The presence of Yahshua has been so tangible that one man was unable to move in is chair until he repented of not believing in the power and presence of Yahshua. From Genesis to Revelation it is clearly an established element of the Kingdom and was also demonstrated clearly in Yahshua’s life, ministry, and teachings. This book will take you on a true adventure through an amazing and powerful message written for us in the Word and hidden for this end time to empower the believer to walk in blessings and protection. I believe you will be truly surprised and blessed by this message. 

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The first book, the Lion Has Roared, Is an amazing visitation that happened to Renalee in 2007 while in a wedding chapel. That day she was taken to the throne room of YHWH to behold the face of Yahshua and His glory and was also taken to the Temple mount in Jerusalem and shown of things to come for the times.

Also be sure to look at the Itinerary page to see where Renalee is teaching next, so you can hear about this awesome truth revealed to her by Abba Father