Shalom Aleichem friends may shalom remain with you as you hear the message I am sending to you. This is my second book to be released.
This week I was finally released to begin writing down all the words that Yahshua has shown me from His Holy Book about the word Shalom.
You would think there would be a page or two about one word, but there is so much to write I haven’t really known where to begin. Every time I think I have found every nugget and connecting dot, there it is again, another link.
I used to look for nuggets of shalom, but have found a rich golden vein instead. It leads a path throughout the entire Word of YHWH and was purposely placed there for us to see.
I pray you see it today and that the veil would be removed from our eyes to behold Yahshua in it.
I feel honored and humbled that He would reveal these things to an ordinary girl (older girl at that, lol), but thank Him with all of my heart for the adventure.

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The Lion Has Roared

Newly Revised and updated book is now complete entitled, “The Lion Has Roared”. It is about an open vision received in 2007 about the end of days and the completion of the bride, the judgement about to be poured out, and the protection and the hiding place of the bride. It is an amazing visit to Heaven through Jacob’s Ladder and to the throne room to behold the glory of YHWH

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Artist James Nesbit

Prepare the Way Ministries
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Used With Permission

Prophetic Words

YAHUAH began to speak to me and said you are on the Butterfield Trail. I asked him, What is it YAHUAH and he replied it is the richness of my anointing. His presence became even more tangible and I realized that a powerful truth was about to be revealed to me. I wanted everyone with me to be a part of this . But I was so overwhelmed by the presence and the Fear of YAHUAH all I could do was whisper to Mary to keep her eyes open. In the first room I sat alone, separating myself from the group as I didn’t want to be distracted. The message was so clear that I honestly wondered if they had built this museum with this very message in mind. Things that were said that the Holy Spirit highlighted didn’t even fit into the sentences before and after what YAHUAH illuminated to me. The trail was so clear to me , the words were so evident, and His presence was so powerful, that I felt I was being led down a divine trail of destiny in my life. The cowboy spoke about struggles but what Adonai so illuminated to me was him bending down and drawing a line in the dirt and telling how many had died on both sides of that line. Then he picked up a handful of dirt and let it sift through his fingers. Dirt and rocks fell to the ground while a single arrowhead remained in his hand. I began to weep. I felt the sorrow of all the lost lives, aborted babies and lost souls that had fallen. I was struggling to hold on to every word that YAHUAH was illuminating and I hurriedly grabbed a note pad and pen from my purse. I was with vacationing people who were not in the dimension I was walking in. I wanted to be mindful to not infringe on what they were doing , while paying close attention to what Adonai was unveiling before my eyes. I tried to move on with the crowd while my heart wanted to just remain in this presence and dimension and drink in all that He had for me here. The holographic people who represented frontiersmen and women seemed to have one theme. Rescue for the children (Shalom) peace. Children were stolen by the enemy to the heartbreak of the families. One man had his wife and children stolen but with the help of an Indian who was a peacemaker eventually got them back. With the right plan the children could be returned to their families, but it couldn’t happen without defeating the enemy and bringing peace to the plains. I was taken back to this dream I had a few months back about the children being stolen. In my dream there was a really nice blonde lady with a big smile beckoning the children to come to her. I recognized that she was about to steal the children so I ran out to stop it. The next thing I know I’m in this house with the children. They were all ages and told stories of this mean man that had stolen them, and now they had to work for him. I told them they didn’t have any walls or fences or locks forcing them to stay there so they could leave if they wanted to. They had been stolen and taken to a place that was distant from everything they knew. Fear of the unknown was the chain that bound them there. The nice blonde lady with the big smile UNFORTUNATELY! (Could this be J.K. Rowling the author of the Harry Potter novels that are teaching our children witchcraft?) YAHUAH told me many years before , “Fear conrols and guilt destroys”.I led them out in what the Holy Spirit later called an Exodus of the children out of captivity. In my dream a court was convened and it was ruled that the children had been stolen illegally. The nice lady with the big smile had called to them and they went to her. The world has called to our children and unfortunately they have answered the call. One story told in the museum about the children, was told by a woman who said she could recognize the enemy (Comanche) when she saw them. But there was no way to tell the difference from the outlaws and regular people. She had lost 3 husbands. One to the Indians, one to the outlaws and one just disappeared. She had also lost all of her children as they were stolen by the enemy. Doesn’t this sound like a modern day story except the enemies names have changed . At one place Mary stepped next to me and pushed a button to hear what the soldier had to say. It said how we defeated the enemy. When she pressed that button I silently knew she was on the trail with me. She later said she stepped in after the arrowhead was left in the mans hand. The soldier stated that people always thought there were a lot of soldiers fighting but that wasn’t true. He said they had small outposts far away from the forts with a few men. These men destroyed the horses (transportation) of the enemy. While a traveling supply wagon came back and forth from the forts. Then there was Josiah. That name so grabbed me and his story was that of CLEANSING the prairie. He actually made a business out of it. Starting the first Buffalo hide company while getting paid by the government to cleanse the land. Which meant that he got rid of the enemies food, so that the enemy could not survive. Then there was the black man who had lost his wife and children to the enemy. He decided that when he got them back he would need the money to support them.; So he started a freight company. He said the only thing that would change the frontier was to tame it by commerce. Later in the saloon we heard a phrase that was unforgettable. They said the money stays the same, it’s the pockets that change. The man who lost his wife and children said the most important thing was the CORN HARVEST. And then the delivery of supplies from distant sources. (the windows of heaven) . So not only is there an abundant harvest on the way, but the end time transfer of wealth is also being released. Well once again YAHUAH took me back to a vision he had given me of corn growing so densely in my front yard all the way up to my door. I have 3 acres and it started at the street at the northeast side of my property and came all the way back to my front door. The next day I was surfing the channels on TV when I saw on PBS they were talking about corn. They said it was the most abundant harvest you could get and the most prosperous. It multiplies 800 times every 4 months. Wow! Now that’s a huge harvest. The number 4 is God’s creative works. And the number 8 is new beginnings. Well this sounds like a new frontier of Adonai’s creative works. Acts 2:17 says that in the Last Days that YAHUAH would pour out His spirit upon EVERYONE. YOUR SONS AND YOUR DAUGHTERS WILL PROPHESY, YOUR YOUNG MEN WILL SEE VISIONS. Your old men will dream dreams. Even on my slaves. Well the multiplication has begun. Our distant source is sending supplies of revelation to set the captives (children) free. A few days after the revelation came on the Butterfield trail. I was in a church in Irving Texas where revival broke out on the youth. It was more confirmation of what has already begun. The youth prophesied and prayed over the adults. Someone shouted out REVOLUTION BY REVELATION!!!! It is the end time outpouring of the Holy Spirit’s revelation that will defeat the enemy as truth is being revealed through the supernatural things of YAHUAH. A 14 year old boy at the church named Joshua Urias told me of the vision he had while prophesying. Joshua’s name means God is my strength and Yahweh is light. And Urias was a high priest in the Old Testament just before the exile out of Babylon. Wow! That’s a message in itself. This is the vision he told: Theres a battle going on in the earth. War between heaven and hell. Youth is growing so powerful that hell is being overrun with glory. The youth of this generation are setting the passion for God for the younger generation. He saw people running with white glory overtaking the darkness. There was light in the darkness and darkness was being drawn into the light. Then there would be a flash of red and then all the darkness turned to light. Before I went to Texas a friend of mine was telling me about children that were seeing visions of things from the book of Revelation. My own 3 year old granddaughter had joined in to help me pray for a sick friend by telling the monsters to leave in the name of Jesus. I was driving to my congregation while pondering what these children were seeing, and YAHUAH said a little child shall lead them. And when I got to the service a little girl about 8 years old was teaching a grown woman how to dance a difficult Jewish dance step. I asked her if she had lessons and she smiled and said no I just watched the dancers. When I saw this YAHUAH said again a little child shall lead them. Yeshua Jesus said that He simply did what he saw His Father do. Like a child is what we have to become to enter the Kingdom. That is why they will be teaching us with childlike faith. One man in the museum also talked about before you get your family back that there had to be supplies to take care of them. We must plow up fallow ground in prayer and then sow it with love . And then we can reap a harvest of restoration. Restoration is one step beyond revival (where thousands get saved) . Restoration brings physical healing and prosperity to the land . Then the earth comes under the grace and into divine union with Yeshua Hosea 2: 16-25. There was another story in the museum of the songs about the youth of the frontier. They said they were lost because of their youth, lack of family, and needing freedom. I think that there are many youth that have families that have been caught up in the things of this world and failed to recognize the outlaws that are stealing their children. Many refuse to believe that video games and cartoons and movies are outlaws creeping into their homes, women with smiling friendly faces, to steal the children. They are taken as captives to an evil man who only holds them by fear. Others children are stolen outright by the enemy called drugs. There was a poster at the museum of Frontier Medicine. It was called the Pain Annihilator. There were devils stabbing this guy in the head and he looked like he was in great pain. The pains of broken families and parents that don’t have time for their children is driving them to the pain annihilator which is drugs. At the museum saloon there was a reporter who had a pad and pen just like mine taking down the story. Mary said look Renalee that’s you. They told the story of a battle that ended at the water hole. Well the water is the word of God. The ten commandments and the Word of God has been stolen from our children. We have to speak the Word over them. For it is drinking in the refreshing Water of the Word that the enemy is defeated. In my dream of the Exodus of children, I led the children to a stream that came out of the side of a mountain. It was flowing out of a pink rock and then trickled down the hill into the stream bed. I climbed the hill and drank the water to be sure it was pure before the children drank it. As soon as I drank from the source of the water and determined it to be pure, there was a court convened in the children’s behalf. The court ruled that the children had been stolen illegally and had to be freed. When we rightly divide the Word of Truth ( purity of the water) we see that the enemy has no right to our children . We can demand justice and that they be returned. The story continued at the saloon about the gun battles. One gun fight was won but then the loser snuck back in to exact revenge. Well Yeshua Jesus has already fought and won the battle. Yet the enemy has come back to exact revenge on our children. The enemy was described as a 6’9 red eyed killer. YAHUAH said to me that the enemy has been exaggerated just like when the spies went in and said the enemy was too big and we were like grasshoppers compared to them. But all the giants fell to the ones (Joshua and Caleb) who didn’t have any fear or even a bad report . They feared God alone. And He alone was their source. We must not fear a reprise from the enemy because of our working for YAHUAH and taking ground from the enemy. 11 Kings 17 : 37 says “You are to observe FOREVER the laws and rulings Torah and Mitzvah which I wrote to you. You are not to fear other gods or bow down to serve them or sacrifice to them. v36 On the contrary you are to fear Adonai who brought you out of the land of Egypt with great power and an outstretched arm. v39 but must fear God and then he will rescue you from the power of ALL you enemies. (Complete Jewish Bible) If we fear the enemy, that gives him power to exact revenge on us. If we see him as a giant and not a defeated foe under our feet he can come back . But when we fear The Mighty One of Israel, Most High God and King, there is no enemy who can touch us because now they have to contend with the Almighty himself. He himself rescues us from the power of ALL our enemies. In the museum saloon the story goes on about the gun fights where the guy was wounded and one man came with a wagon to bury him. But then a woman showed up with bandages to bring healing. Too many times we try to bury the wounded. We tend to give up on people when their down, instead of showing up to rescue them from the grave and pour in the water and the oil. Too many of our youth have been given up on. So many families after countless bouts with drugs and anger and jails give up and forget about their kids and consider them dead. The battle is in the saloon where they are self medicating their pains of rejection. Fighting an enemy alone and being buried before their time. When the children were stolen on the frontier, the enemy (comanches) branded their foreheads. They were marked by the enemy because their minds had been taken over by him. Our children’s minds have been seared over with a hot iron of drugs and television pornography and violence. In the bathroom at the museum when you opened the door there were also frontier voices of children when you went in. They spoke all different languages and then in English said ” you have to understand the language of the children. We are the ones who opened the door to the enemy and let him come into our houses as Trojan horses . All the children of the world are lost in poverty, sickness, slavery, drugs pornography, broken homes, and hunger. Why haven’t we taken time to hear their voices, learn their language, and meet needs? At the same time the enemy has learned their language and given them false hopes and dreams and visions. The reason being, that this is the generation that YAHUAH’s Spirit is being poured out on everyone. And the time is now to take back the children. Every time that there has been a holocaust of children (Moses day and Yeshua’s day) there was something powerful coming TO THAT GENERATION. And this generation being killed by the millions with abortion since the 70’s, and drugs , and gangs, and AIDS, and the list goes on . The enemy thinks that, the less children there are to prophesy and proclaim his doom the better. The less young men joining the revolution by revelation the better chance he has of keeping them wrapped up in fear and bondage. But he still is the loser. God’s Kingdom is coming and His will is being done. And it has begun already! On January 1st my husband and I were awakened by a huge explosion in our home. We were already awakened a few minutes earlier by the dogs barking. We couldn’t go back to sleep like normally we do. It was about 1:30 in the morning when the explosion happened. It wasn’t a sonic boom though similar, it was inside our house. It wasn’t a meteor as there was no impact noise. We were so startled that we couldn’t sleep for a long time. I finally went to sleep and had a dream. YAHUAH said that something had been released in the atmosphere. I didn’t know what though. The next morning I had 2 e-mails from different people about a revival in Arizona. The e-mail said that they believed that an EXPLOSION of the SUPERNATURAL was being released in the form of the 7 Spirits of God (Isaiah 11). Other ministries are prophesying that there was a release on January 1st also. I was given a prophesy by Tommie Cooper and told several times to be sure and read it. I just read it this morning. It was full of confirmation of what Adonai is doing in the Kingdom. I hope people realize that The Word says its coming to the Young. I’m sure we’re going to get the overflow but they are going to get the fullness. The 5 fold ministry is coming forth but its not going to be through divided dead churches. It will be in living breathing, fresh and innocent, CHILDREN IN UNITY LEADING THE BRIDE HOME. I left the most powerful part until last. It is so powerful it is difficult to write about. The most important person in the museum was an Indian named Esihabitu. He was described as a peace maker and encourager, and the one who set the children free, and then returned them to their families. Mary and I went to see him twice. We knew that the secrets to the Kingdoms warfare was hidden in what this man had to say. We spent a long time there and could hardly drag ourselves away. He was not like the other Indians, as he was for peace. The enemy has fought hard to keep the feet shod with peace from marking the plains with transformation. We must be like Esihabitu and argue (proclaim) for peace so that our children can be returned to us and our families restored. At one point he turns to an unknown person and says” Tell me some good news brother, we need peace. We need to have a counsel with the Great Many Speaches to argue for peace. He proceeded to tell that it had been 100 winters that the will of the Comanche had ruled. He said the petroglyphs were to show how the paths of the white man and Indians had crossed in the past. And that the fathers had listened to the bad spirit with the horns and tail. These were the pictures that were made while camping. This is a picture of how the enemy has ruled for a long dark and cold time. And how the peacemakers are crying out for intercessors to cry out for peace to the Father. The fathers of the children have listened to the enemy and let him steal the children. The peacemakers are crying out for the good news of the gospel to be proclaimed, equity to come forth, and restoration to come to the families. Isaiah 11 talks about the seven spirits of Adonai being poured out in the end times. And then judgement or equity will come to bring restoration to the earth. The enemy has to give up the things he has unlawfully stolen and pay back 7 times what he has stolen. These are our children being carried home to us. Verse 12 says that YAHUAH will hoist an end time banner over the gentiles. That banner is SHALOM (peace). In Isaiah 57:19 it says that YAHUAH creates the right words and then says them himself Shalom shalom to those far off and to those nearby! He then proclaims “I will heal them! All of Isaiah it talks about proclamations. We need to be proclaiming Shalom to the earth and all of creation. We need to be sending Shalom before us and our families. These are Yeshua Jesus words just before he left the earth. He proclaimed Shalom and taught his deciples to do so. In Ephesians it says that his blood purchased Shalom for us. The angels who announced his birth proclaimed Shalom before him into the earth (he couldn’t do it for himself, as he was a baby) . We must declare Shalom over the earth and cry out to the Great Many Speeches (voice of many waters) FOR SHALOM OVER THIS EARTH TO RESTORE PROPER RULE AND AUTHORITY . This in turn is going to restore our families and release the captives from the enemy. Our feet are shod with Shalom and so were Esihabitu’s and he brought the children home. Shalom makers, this is a call to you to cry out for the children and cover them with the banner of Shalom so we too can bring God’s children home. Remember that Yeshua Jesus is called Sar Shalom. That is Prince of Peace. We are calling for intercessors who will be small outposts to cut off the enemy and his transportation and his food. We need people who will go in and take the ground between the watchtowers and the fortresses. YAHUAH has given us an end time strategy of prayer to bring down strongholds. This will require bold end time proclaimers of Shalom. Proclaimers of shalom to those far off, and to those nearby, and thereby bring healing to our land and set the captives free. Then we shall see the children leading His Bride Home. If you feel the wooing of the Holy Spirit to carry this end time banner please contact us . How beautiful on the mountains are the feet of him who brings good news, proclaiming Shalom, bringing good news of good things, announcing salvation and saying to Zion Your God is King! Listen! Your watchmen are raising their voices shouting for joy together. For they will see before their own eyes Adonai returning to Zion. Isaiah 52:7 & 8. But can booty be wrestled from a warrior? Can a victor’s captives be freed? Here is Adonai’s answer: Even a warrior’s captives will be snatched away, and the booty of the fearful will be freed. I will fight those who fight you and I will save your children. Isaiah 49:24-25. The fear of YAHUAH is the beginning of all wisdom. Shalom u’b’rakha. Yours inYeshua Renalee